Marijuana Anonymous District 27

MA District 27 Service Committee Meeting

Welcome to MA's District 27 DSC meeting. We meet on the third Saturday of every month. We welcome all independent MA groups who are interested in learning more about our district. Any group, whether in-person, phone, or online, may join District 27 if they are not affiliated with any other district.

Every 3rd Saturday of the month, 11 am ET

Email 24 hours in advance for Zoom information.

Living Every Day with Hope

***Deadline for input is November 1, 2022***

The MA daily meditation book content is ready to be reviewed by the entire MA fellowship! Please begin using the content in your meetings and in your personal lives. Helpful feedback received up to now has included the suggestion to distribute subject matter throughout the year to achieve more variety, rather than group entries together by theme. You may continue to send constructive feedback to