Marijuana Anonymous District 27

“How can we tell you how to recover? We cannot. All we can do is share with you our own experiences and recovery through the Twelve Steps of Marijuana Anonymous.“

Life with Hope, 3rd edition, page xi

Life with Hope

A New Leaf Publications is the publisher of all Marijuana Anonymous literature in their various formats.

Life with Hope: A Return to Living Through the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions of Marijuana Anonymous, 3rd edition. The book fully describes the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of the program as they relate specifically to marijuana addicts. It is an essential resource for any marijuana addict seeking recovery through the Twelve Step recovery program of Marijuana Anonymous.

Life with Hope 12 Step Workbook: A Return to Living Through the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions of Marijuana Anonymous, 1st edition. The workbook includes exercises and includes worksheets and activities. This companion to the Life with Hope is designed for working the Twelve Steps of Marijuana Anonymous with a sponsor.

Marijuana Anonymous Pamphlets

Marijuana Anonymous has published numerous pamphlets discussing a range of topics related to our program of recovery. Copies are typically available at MA meetings and may be downloaded.

“Living Every Day With Hope” Daily Reflections Book

***Deadline for input is November 1, 2022***

The MA daily meditation book content is ready to be reviewed by the entire MA fellowship! Please begin using the content in your meetings and in your personal lives. Helpful feedback received up to now has included the suggestion to distribute subject matter throughout the year to achieve more variety, rather than group entries together by theme. You may continue to send constructive feedback to

A New Leaf Newsletter

The purpose of A New Leaf, the monthly Marijuana Anonymous newsletter, is to carry the message of recovery from marijuana addiction. It is through the written experiences of recovering addicts and their stories that we may find experience, strength and hope. Subscribe to A New Leaf here.

A New Leaf Newsletter Back Issues

A New Leaf had its origins when MA District 6 began publishing its newsletter, The Message, in February 1991. Over 300 issues have been published and distributed worldwide. Read back issues of A New Leaf here.

The Marijuana Anonymous World Services Service Manual is an invaluable reference resource for members in service, meetings and districts. It offers MAWS guidance on everything from meeting commitments to the election of delegates and trustees.

The MAWS Service Manual is available for purchase from A New Leaf Publications, the publishing arm of Marijuana Anonymous.

MA World Service Manual v7.1 – English

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Life with Hope, the Life with Hope Workbook, Meeting Finder, Sobriety Date Counter, and more features included!